Lone Star Book Blog Tour: The Curse of Sacerdozio by Glen Aaron

a tale of judicial conspiracy

The Supremes, Book 1


  Genre: Thriller / Suspense / Mystery
Publisher: BookBaby
Date of Publication: June 1, 2017
Number of Pages: 275

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When Harvard Law School graduate Tommy Jon is chosen from a sea of applicants to clerk for Supreme Court Justice Anton Sacerdozio, he’s honored and excited by the opportunity. Tommy is the first Jicarilla Apache to ever graduate from Harvard Law and the clerkship seems like a dream come true. But when he falls in love and impregnates another clerk and she chooses to get an abortion, Sacerdozio’s dark side surfaces.

Then, the justice is found dead – murdered and left floating in a hot mineral pool in Texas – and Tommy becomes the number one suspect. And so begins The Curse of Sacerdozio: A tale of judicial conspiracy, the first exciting book in The Supremes series from author and trial attorney Glen Aaron.

Praise for The Curse of Sacerdozio:

“The Curse of Sacerdozio: A Tale of Judicial Conspiracy rings through with originality, a story that will have readers gripped from beginning to end.” – Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

“The characters are all wonderful, and some are more than what they seem.” – Jay Snook

“Aaron has done his research!” – Jenn Jilks, Cottage Country Reflections

“The novel entertains as it educates allowing the reader to be both intrigued and informed.” – The Nerdy Girl Express

“Aaron displays a knack for describing and creating emotion in any event.” — Sharon Kurack, StarryMag

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The Curse of Sacerdozio goes beyond the fictionalized telling of the death of Justice Antonin Scalia in 2016. Layers of intrigue, corruption, and politicizing are methodically unraveled and laid bare as Tommy Jon, a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Sacerdozio, embarks on a gripping legal journey throughout the American judicial system.

The central plot about Tommy Jon (a Harvard Law School graduate and a Jicarilla Apache) and his explosive and combative relationship with Justice Sacerdozio is padded with several highly controversial subjects, such as extreme religious societies wanting more control within the government, Native American rights, abortion and traditional family ideology, and the US legal system in all its entangled and messy glory. Glen Aaron pretty much covers it all in this story that goes back and forth between plot-driven drama and textbook-like passages and lectures.

The legal scenes that unfold when Tommy Jon is accused of murdering Sacerdozio are both riveting and entertaining, and the relationship between Tommy and a fellow clerk, Catherine, and the consequences of their night of passion at the beginning of the story serve as a catalyst that sets all the ensuing drama in motion. Hang on!

What I find most interesting are the comparisons. For example, it’s interesting to see how the immense, open, and authentic West Texas landscape is juxtaposed with the claustrophobic trappings of governmental and religious and judicial secrets and hidden agendas. And Rio (who is definitely one of my favorite characters) is honest in his simplicity and pure love for the land and his ancestors, compared to the many dishonest and corrupt people and organizations peppering this story throughout. Like the Scales of Justice that are not always balanced, The Curse of Sacerdozio reminds us that while life is often filled with inequities and imbalance of power, it is filled with good people, love, and truth as well.

The Curse of Sacerdozio has many thrilling and exciting moments; however, for future editions, a good editor could tighten up the prose and eliminate some grammatical inconsistencies, such as typos and tense swapping. Overall, however, this story is interesting, engaging, and definitely thought provoking.

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Glen Aaron was born in Big Spring, Texas and raised in Midland. In 1962, while attending Baylor, he ran for State Representative from Midland at he age of 21. He lost that election in a runoff by 42 votes. Deciding politics was not for him, he graduated Baylor with a BA and moved on to the University of Texas law school. There, he won the Moot Court competition arguing before the Supreme Court of Texas sitting en banc. After acquiring his JD, Glen spent forty years in trial law and international business and banking. Today, he lives in Midland with his wife Jane Hellinghausen and two rottweilers. He enjoys writing and working with the Permian Basin Bookies. Author of: The Ronnie Lee and Jackie Bancroft Spencer Morgan Story, a tale of people, greed, envy, manipulation — even crime; The Colonel George Trofimoff Story, the tale of America’s highest ranking military officer convicted of spying; The Prison Experience; The Prison People.


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