My name is Ruthie Jones.

I’m one of the precious ordinary;
I’m a dead-eye shot, shooting.


When I’m not working full time as an editor at a global research company, playing in one of my weekly pool (pocket billiards) leagues, or hanging out with my husband, I’m reading and writing. Lately, I’ve been reading and writing a lot. I participate in Goodread’s online reading challenge and Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge (see my personal progress here), and I endeavor to write a review (impression) for every book I read (many of which are highlighted on this blog). My current writing project is a suspense fiction that takes place in a small town in the Texas Hill Country.

Like many of you, I’m galloping through life with a smile on my face and an eye on the everlasting prize. Along the way, I’m trying to understand the people with whom I share this earthly space.

My goal is to embark on an anthropological writing and reading endeavor.

As a natural observer, I’m interested in many subjects and in all walks of life. The novel I am currently writing deals with people in positions of authority struggling to uphold law enforcement when the situation may call for the kind of mercy found outside of the law.

Click on the links below to share in my current reading and writing projects:

  • Books: Read until there’s nothing left to read. Talk about those books along the way.
  • Lone Star Book Blog Tours: I’m doing my part to promote Texas Authors, so check out what’s on tour; read excerpts, reviews, author interviews, and other promotional goodies from me and the other fantastic bloggers; and then enter the giveaways.
  • Writing: Write for yourself first; write for world next.


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