Book Impressions: The Fireman by Joe Hill

The Fireman by Joe Hill is about a crazy pandemic where people get sick with Dragonscale and then wait to catch fire and die. Not everyone, however, becomes an inferno because some have found a way to control it. Unfortunately, controlling Dragonscale for some means total control over others. The Fireman is about finding someone to trust in a totally untrustworthy world.

On Goodreads, I give The Fireman 5 out of 5 stars. Read my Goodreads impression below:

The Fireman

Apocalyptic plagues have been done many times but not like The Fireman. Plagues are bad enough, but when they cause you to smolder and catch fire (sometimes setting other people off in true domino fashion), then you have one heck of a story. While the actual fireman (who really isn’t a fireman) plays a prominent role here, the story really follows Harper Grayson and her journey towards freedom and a determined quest to find good people, honesty, and love. And boy is her journey epic!

The characters are well developed, and the detailed plot carries you through to a heart wrenching end filled with new life and new hope.

In addition to being a fantastic plague story (Dragonscale and its markings are awesome in every sense of that word), The Fireman shows how when faced with contagion, imminent death, and the burning need to survive at all costs, certain personalities emerge. People can either band together and help one another, or they can look out for numero uno and do whatever it takes to survive. And then there are the few who feel they must lead and control and even kill to maintain that leadership. The Fireman has all of these people, and some of them are hiding their true selves. How horrifying to need and want to trust but not know who is trustworthy!

You can sure tell where Joe Hill gets his talent. The Fireman has that glorious King trademark: diving right into the supernatural while maintaining an incredibly realistic vibe. I love that Hill gives a few shout outs to his daddy’s works, so be on the lookout for those. Hill can never forget the face of his father, especially since he looks just like him.

“Who knew the future was going to sound so much like the past.”

“Do you know you are drop-dead sexy until the minute you start to talk? Then you turn into a colossal ass.”



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