NaNoWriMo 2015: Week Three

November is in full swing. We can see the finish line; it’s a bit fuzzy, but it’s there, looming. . . beckoning. Thanksgiving in the United States is a bit of a roadblock, and that’s okay. But don’t forget November 30 is the Monday after Thanksgiving. That’s write right. The time to reach 50,000 (or get so close you can taste it) is before Thanksgiving, just in case week four turns out to be a bust (it will for me).

Speaking of writing, where do you write? Is it a specific space or a state of mind? Can you take your writing anywhere, or must you write in the same spot?

I like writing at my desk. It’s comforting and familiar. It’s in a closed room, so distractions only come from me. I’m sitting there now, typing, getting ready to write more words words words. Where are you?


Next week: Status update


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