Tastykake Anyone?

Guess who would commandeer this Tastykake truck?


That’s right! Stephanie Plum. I absolutely love this series of books by Janet Evanovich. I know some readers say that the plot lines and characters are repetitive. I have to agree, and a plot twist would be a good idea about now, but I’ll still keep reading. When I’m a bit down and need a happy place, I re-read these books (especially the first several). Stephanie never fails to make me laugh and to make me want to be her for a little while, flaws and all.

I didn’t know we had Tastykakes here in South Central Texas. I may have to go shopping (or commandeering).

What would Stephanie do? She would load up on Tastykakes, peanut butter, worthless white bread, olives, and a little something for Rex. And don’t forget Mom’s leftovers!

Check out the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. The language can be a bit crude (lots of f-bombs), but Evanovich makes it work. Just be warned, in case you’re easily offended.

Ranger or Morelli? Stephanie, I know this is a difficult choice. But seriously, girl, it’s time.

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