Road Trip!

I see many strange and wonderful things as I motor around on my daily commute, weekend road warrior adventures, or that Great America Road Trip that I get to take once in a while.

These vehicular finds are usually vanity plates, bumper stickers, window stickers, or just way out strange conveyances.

I once saw a school bus towing a car. Too bad I was driving and couldn’t get a picture. It was a sight worthy of a double take.

I know there are a lot of vanity plates and car stickers and such out there (you can find them all on the Internet), but I want to showcase the ones that we (you and I) have actually sighted.

My first thought when  I see any kind of specialized, customized car upgrade or decor is “why?” What makes people choose specific words or images to express themselves? And why do they use their vehicles to get the word out? This is a good study on human nature in the automotive sector, which is almost everyone old enough to stamp their car with a bit (or more) personalization.

I will post the strange and wonderfully interesting photos of my sightings, but feel free to send in any you happen to spot in your travels. Remember! Safety First! Don’t take a picture unless you are a passenger or unless you are stopped and can safely snap away.

Have fun with the vanity of it all!

Your Road Trip starts now!

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