Book Impressions: The Kingkiller Chronicle (1, 2, and 2.5) by Patrick Rothfuss

I was going to wait to post my impressions of this wonderful series until the third came out, but goodness gracious, I can’t wait until 2017! Is that really when it will be published? That’s an eternity!

These books are incredibly fun and fast to read. It’s easy to become swept away in this fantastic tale with all its amazing details and well-developed characters. But seriously, I can’t wait for the next one! Hurry up, Patrick Rothfuss! Your fans are waiting.

In the meantime, while I not so patiently wait, I’ll give you my impressions of the first 2 and 1/2 books:
The Name of the Wind (2007), The Wise Man’s Fear (2011), and The Slow Regard of Silent Things (2014)

The Name of the Wind

The Name of the Wind is quite epic and entertaining. Despite being incredibly long, this book reads quickly. The days when Kvothe is at University read a bit like Harry Potter, but it’s not as juvenile. As the main character, Kvothe is almost too good to be true. He’s flawed, but he always lands on his feet. I can’t help but cheer him on because he’s quite lovable. Rothfuss does a great job at character building and scene setting. I look forward to the next in the series.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:
“The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind.” ~ chapter 12

“There are few things as nauseating as obedience.” ~ chapter 75

“Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts. There are seven words that will make a person love you. There are ten words that will break a strong man’s will. But a word is nothing but a painting of a fire. A name is the fire itself.” ~ chapter 86

“You are not wise enough to fear me as I should be feared. You do not know the first note of the music that moves me.” ~ chapter 92


Well, Kvothe’s journey continues in The Wise Man’s Fear, and Rothfuss doesn’t disappoint. This story is proving to be quite lengthy, but that’s a good thing, in my opinion. I like getting to know characters and all the mundane and prosaic bits of life . If you just want to hurry through a story, don’t pick up this series. If you want to sink your teeth into an epic tale of a flawed yet incredibly lucky hero, you’ve come to the right place. Settle in and enjoy the ride!

Kvothe’s adventures to other lands and cultures give us a needed break from his life at University. I especially enjoyed his time with the Adem. The Wise Man’s Fear presents the continuing journey of discovery and personal growth to which we all can relate.

What happens next is what I’d like to know! What a cliffhanger!

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:
“Anyone can love a thing because. That’s as easy as putting a penny in your pocket. But to love something despite. To know the flaws and love them too. That is rare and pure and perfect.” ~ chapter 6

“What do any of us have when words fail us?” ~ chapter 120

“when you’re alone, it’s easy to be afraid.” ~ chapter 123

“Sometimes leaving is the only thing you can do.” ~ chapter 147


The Slow Regard of Silent Things

I like when a book doesn’t conform, when it speaks a different song, a different truth. Rothfuss strayed and came up with a truly unique telling.
I find The Slow Regard of Silent Things to be sweet and sinister.

This little gem takes us on a side journey to Auri’s amazing and ethereal reality. Auri is Kvothe’s shy little friend at University, and it’s exciting to glimpse more of such a captivating girl. How beautiful the language; how delightful the story. I’m enchanted!

As a matter of fact, I’m so enchanted, earlier this summer, I helped Rothfuss reach his goal in the fundraiser for his favorite charity: Heifer International.
Check it out if you want to know more about the fundraiser! ==> Geeks Doing Good 2015 (Indiegogo)

With my donation, I chose this fantastic perk (a t-shirt based on Auri in The Slow Regard of Silent Things). So charming!



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