Balancing Each Moment


As we plod steadfastly toward 2015, I’m tempted to regret and anticipate. Isn’t this what most folk do this time of year? What I really want to do is discover a little bit more balance. Balance is the key, in my everlasting humble opinion.

Instead of regretting any mistakes or missed opportunities in 2014 or anticipating the wonders or pitfalls of 2015, I choose to cherish this wondrous moment, this speck of time that is also known as now. This is much harder than it sounds because we are hardwired and softwired to regret and anticipate, to live for the future and dwell in the past. Enjoying any given day, any given moment can be done!

I do have some goals for 2015. Writing is one of them. I’m giving myself a deadline of April 1 to be through my first edit of my suspense novel. I can do this, but I can’t do it without balance. I must balance my time, energy, and enthusiasm.

I decree that this Year of Our Lord 2015 will be filled with God, love, health, writing, reading, and balance.

What are your decrees for 2015?

Happy New Year!

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