NaNoWriMo Week Three: The Determiner

Did you own week three, or did week three give you the cold shoulder?

While week two was the test, week three was the determiner. Week three determined who was ready for the homestretch, that walk down the path to victory. This past week saw writers knee-deep in plot devices and characters running amok. This past week probably also saw many writers throw in the towel, howling in defeat.

November isn’t over yet, but if you haven’t at least reached the halfway point yet, you will need to engage in some mega writing sessions during week four, when just about everyone else in the USA is fighting visiting with family and scarfing down turkey and pumpkin pie (and all the other goodies for which we are thankful). Playing catch up in week four can be brutal, but it’s doable. Don’t give up, but if that ship has sailed, smile and look November 2015 in the face and say, “Bring it!”

Did you make week three’s cut? Were you determined worthy to head down that final path to 50,000? Make room for that winner’s badge!

For those of you who have already reached 50,000, congratulations! You have been determined to be an overachiever and a superstar. For everyone else still in the writing game, get back to work so that you can emerge from your writing cocoon next week to count your blessings and reacquaint yourself with your other life. It misses you!

All signs point to Week Four: the path to victory!



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