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Welcome Home!

The word “home” is such a simple, unassuming little word, but the English language uses it in so many interesting ways.

  • We can call home, run home, leave home, make it home okay, and come home for the holidays, but we can’t go home again.
  • We can homeward bound, and we can be homebound.
  • We can be stay-at-home moms and dads, and we can work from home.
  • Home is where the heart is, and we often believe in home sweet home.
  • We can hit a home run and slide into home plate.
  • Our goods can be homebaked, and our alcohol can be homebrewed.
  • We can buy a home, sell a home, rent a home, design a home, build a home, raze a home, and move into or out of a home.
  • We can make a house a home.
  • We can cheer for the home team at the home game, and we can pass notes during homeroom.
  • We can foreclose on a home.
  • We can have a home security system, but it doesn’t always keep out home invaders.
  • We have Homeland Security to protect our home turf.
  • We can long for home, and we can run away from home.
  • We can keep the home fires burning on the home front.
  • We can have a homepage, be a homebody, be a homeboy, or just feel like staying home.
  • Our homes can be homey or homely, whichever the case may be.
  • We can have in-home child care and in-home health care, and we can have home remedies.
  • We can shop at Home Depot for home decor, home construction, and home appliances.
  • We can work at the home office, and we can have a homebase.
  • When we become agèd and infirm, we are often shuffled off to a nursing home or a retirement home.
  • We can be a homemaker, study home economics, and prefer things that are homemade, homegrown, and homespun.
  • People of yore called their dwellings homesteads, and we often wonder about the homes of the future.
  • Homecooking is best, but we love to eat out so we can bring the leftovers home.
  • We can be homeschooled or leave home to attend school, but we always have homework.
  • We can be homesick, and we can be sick of our home, which usually leads to home improvement.
  • We can stage a home, and we can have a starter home and a smart home.
  • We can have a homecoming, and we can be home alone.
  • Other places can be our home away from home, but there is no place like home.
  • We can sing Home, Home on the Range and Green, Green Grass of Home.
  • We can make people feel at home, and we can make ourselves at home.
  • We can have a big home, a small home, a first home, a second home, a summer home, a mobile home, and a dream home.
  • We can be homeless.
  • We have a home planet, a homeland, a home state, and a hometown.
  • When we breathe our last, many believe that God is calling us Home.



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