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Welcome to Chris’s workstation in San Antonio, Texas, USA!

Does this type of setup look recognizable or unusual, ordinary or unfamiliar? While everyone has a “workstation,” not everyone works in a cubicle. What does your workstation look like?

Take a peek at Chris’s responses to the three questions to find out a little bit more about him and what’s going on in his space. 20140606_140549

What type of work do you do at your workstation?

“I am basically a middle management workaholic, but you can call me a Global Research Manager.”

What do you like the most and dislike the most about your workstation?

“2 things. First is the shape. I am tired of cubes. I would much rather prefer a Hexagonal Dipyramid. Second is the fact that I have to sit close to people who are sensitive to noise. I’m a noisy guy and people just have to get used to it. :)”

How does your workstation reflect who you are?

“My desk is not messy, but rather all of my stuff is strategically located at my work station that optimizes my job performance. At least that is what I tell HR.”

What do I see when I look at this picture and read the responses?

I see a lot going on in this small space. As someone who is drawn to details in pictures, I could probably find new things every time I looked. The first thing most people will see is the Nixon mask (in profile), and then the eyes just meander around looking for places to land. Go ahead and take a couple of hours to browse around.  I think it’s great that Chris says his desk isn’t messy. He is obviously quite protective of his space and all the wondrous items that are “strategically located.” Chris has built a small kingdom in this cubical that includes items for work (a computer and a laptop, stacks of papers, and a fabulous illustrated periodic table) and items for fun (everything else!). Is that Chris’s lunch on top of the cubicle? Is that a tiny baby doll next to some whoopee cushions on the ‘bulletin board’? Is that a soccer ball wearing a crown? Chris’s workstation reminds me of those Hidden Object games. Can you find the two small brains or the Dilbert cartoon?

What is positive about this space, in my opinion?

Everything about this space (except that it’s a work cubicle) is positive. Chris has clearly claimed his spot in the corporate world, and he has decorated it to match his serious side and his funny side. He may be noisy in a noise-sensitive world, but he is rightly unapologetic about it.  This guy is a self-proclaimed workaholic, but he undoubtedly enjoys surrounding himself with curiosities as he toils away doing what any self-respecting Global Research Manager does.  And that brings me to the title of this post. Chris is seriously funny (or is he funnily serious?), and he has found his balance between business and amusement by combining both in a non-hexagonal dypyramid.

Are you interested in participating in this informal anthropological project? I hope you are! Send me a picture of your workstation (preferably with you in it, but you don’t necessarily have to look into the camera), along with your answers to these questions:

  • What type of work do you do at your workstation?
  • What do you like the most and dislike the most about your workstation?
  • How does your workstation reflect who you are?

Is it okay to include your first name and your city, state, and country, or would you prefer to remain anonymous? By choosing to share your workstation (your desk) with me, you agree to have your picture(s) and words publicized without expectation of any remuneration other than the sheer joy of sharing a snippet of your life with others. I will also provide a bit of observational commentary.

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