When Is a Desk Not a Desk?

Hello, my sweets. Welcome to this blog section about where we spend most of our lives: our desks.

What is my own personal answer to the title question “when is a desk not a desk”? When it’s a home.

Your desk can be that oh-so-common desk found in most corporate offices, or your desk can be right there in your house. Maybe your desk isn’t even a desk at all. Maybe it’s your couch, your car, your deck chair, your local coffee shop, or even the library. Maybe you spend most of your time flying the friendly skies or driving from city to city or coast to coast. Maybe your desk is the kitchen or the classroom. We all have a workstation (even if we are retired), and we all jazz up that workstation to reflect and express our unique personalities and quirkiness. How fun is that? Well, we’re about to find out just how fun it really is.

Join me in this anthropological celebration of the world’s workstations, whatever that may be. We are all alike, and we are all different.

One person’s comfort zone is another’s disaster area.

I recently (2013) started a new job. I’m back to the corporate grind after taking time off to get my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English. I have a desk again. After a year, I haven’t fully made it my own yet, but I want that to change. We all need to feel as comfortable as possible in the place we spend the bulk of our time. If we can’t express ourselves in that unique place, we’re lost! Never be ashamed or embarrassed of your workstation, your desk, your place of ‘busyness.” It’s who you are in all your individual glory, and that’s a good reason to celebrate!

Here is my workstation (a work in progress) as of May 2014. Show me yours!

Ruthie's workstation (May 2014)

By choosing to share your workstation (your desk) with me, you agree to have your picture(s) and words (edited for content, if necessary) publicized without expectation of any remuneration other than the sheer joy of sharing a snippet of your life with others.


Here we go! Send me a picture of your workstation (preferably with you in the picture) and answer the following questions:

What type of work do you do at your desk?
What do you love the most and hate the most about your desk?
How does your workstation reflect who you are?

Be honest and don’t be shy!


Now take a look around you. Seek out your friends, family, and coworkers. Arm yourself with your camera and a notepad with the above 3 questions ready to be answered. Send me what you find. Let’s have fun with this!

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