Writing 2017

UNKNOWN PLACE is an 80,000-word adult upmarket fiction/suspense.

When a police chief in the Texas Hill Country gets too close to uncovering details of a 30-year old murder, he is warned to leave the past alone. The devastating evidence he unearths hits home and threatens to destroy his sense of identity unless he can open his heart and embrace the truth.

Police Chief George Mannering’s comfortable life begins to shift and crumble when he discovers both his parents took horrifying secrets to their graves. Revelations in an old diary send George into a tailspin when he realizes his parents and two family friends, Brady Wilkes and Margaret Keller, were involved in the murder of an innocent man. George struggles to maintain his self control and his authority as he confronts Brady and Margaret for answers, but as more information emerges, dire warnings and mysterious accidents threaten George’s life and his investigation. When the truth is finally broken wide open, George gets more than he bargained for. He discovers his father, whose footsteps he has followed his entire life, was not the man he thought he was, and he realizes his relationship with Brady, whom he has always considered responsible for his father’s death, is becoming more complicated by the minute.

To rebuild his collapsed sense of identity based on honesty instead of lies and deception, George must find the strength and forgiveness to accept the hard truth about his parents’ betrayal, and he must find the courage to come to terms with his alarming and personal connection to Brady.


Pants on Fire!

True Beauty; Beautiful Truth

The Boathouse

Brady Wilkes

Ring Twice the Bell