Reader’s Habitat

Where is your Reader’s Habitat? This place could be a comfy chair, an expansive couch, a hammock, a library, a bookstore, public transportation, a grotto, a shady spot under a tree, or a cozy hideaway under the covers with a flashlight.

Reading Cat2

Where ever it is, it’s a special place because. . .well. . .it’s your place to read, even if it’s a stepping stone on the way to your reading utopia.

Take or find a picture and send it along with a few words about what makes it such a special place. Put it all in the comment area below and become an official member of my Reader’s Habitat.

While you’re at it, feel free to join another Reader’s Habitat on Goodreads—a modest little book club that’s looking for a reader of books like you!

To get you started, check out this Huffington Post article on “The Coolest Places on Earth to Read a Book.”

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