Any Given Day

A writer is more than an author. A writer is also a reader, an observer, and an artist.

On any given day, a writer will read something, observe the world around him or her, and then paint pictures of it all in words. Simple, right? Yes and no. Does your reading list span a lifetime and contain more than just one genre or medium? Do you people watch and notice things with imaginative cognitive musingsĀ that others pass over as either unseen or unworthy? Do you visualize what you have read or seen and spin webs of your own stories that are desperateĀ to land on someone’s reading list?

Yes, yes, and yes. Congratulations! You’re a writer!

Embrace the goings on in your given day and watch out for those nuggets of wonderfulness that lurk in the ordinary.

Here’s what I observe on my given day.

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