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Living Messengers of God’s Love

Jack H. Emmott

  Genre: Memoir / Inspirational / Faith
Publisher: Carpenter’s Son Publishing
Date of Publication: January 1, 2017
Number of Pages: 176

Struck by polio at age six, Jack H. Emmott began learning the difficult spiritual lessons embodied in paralysis, shivering loneliness, and dark despair. Fortunately, Jack had help― people of all ages he calls his “Bending Angels,” those who have spread their wings of love and inspiration to walk the journey of faith as the devastated little boy became one of Houston’s celebrated attorneys, a loyal husband, and a devoted dad. Each chapter of this book will relate the story of a Bending Angel―from Brownie, the pup, to Mr. Ochoa, the baseball coach who understood how much of a heart it takes to win and how much of a soul it takes to lose your most precious dream. This book will inspire and uplift you as Jack H. Emmott, a life-long Christian, shares his spiritual wisdom and lessons learned.


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“The power of ‘Let go and let God’ is personified in this inspiring story. Also, that we are given guidance in the most unsuspected forms when we but look, and that a flood of grace is behind every surrender. What a joy.”

— Lindsay Wagneractress, author

“With gentle humor and no small amount of faith, Bending Angels: Living Messengers of God’s Love tells the story of Jack Emmott’s life and of the angels who have appeared in his life, just when he needed them the most.

Do I believe in angels? Absolutely.

Was Jack himself an angel to me during the darkest period of my life?  Absolutely.”

— Debbie AdamsPast President, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Houston/Galveston;

Chair, Advisory Council UTHealth School

of NursingTrustee, St. Edward’s University

Bending Angel is a beautiful inspiring book about faith and prayer and the angels that surround us. Jack shared his life journey of trusting in God and drawing strength that was needed to help him. I learned a great deal from this book and have thought about it over and over again since I read it.”

— Amazon reviewer

“If only I could get through a chapter without crying…very moving and touching stories.”

— Amazon reviewer



Bending Angel Website

“Not everything turns out in life like we plan.”

Bending Angels: Living Messengers of God’s Love by Jack H. Emmott is a collection of heartfelt, inspiring messages about the angels, both human and animal, who have touched his life, lifted him up, and comforted him in his darkest hours. Suffering from the effects of polio since age 6, Jack has had more than his share of difficulties and heartache. What’s impressive about this book is that it shows how Jack has been able to transcend the difficulties and lost opportunities and see that his life is still full and enriched because of those angels.

Jack Emmott ends each little story as a prayer, recognizing and acknowledging the angels throughout his life. What I love most about this collection of memories is Emmott’s ability to reflect back and see that illness, physical limitations, and adversity have ultimately been conduits for spiritual growth.

While Bending Angels is fully based on the author’s Christian faith, everyone of all beliefs will easily observe that this book is a tribute and a thank you. Many of the stories are touching and heartwarming, but the one that hit me the hardest is titled An Angel for Wonder Boy Emmot, where as a young boy, Jack Emmott wanted desperately to play baseball. Young Jack and his mother crying together as his baseball dream died in his heart because of the effects of polio completely broke me up. Each story and each angel are stepping stones and loving hands in Jack Emmott’s life, giving him purpose and dignity and acceptance.

Bonus: The pages of lovely pictures chronicle Jack Emmott’s life and are a visual tribute to his Bending Angels.

Author Jack H. Emmott contracted polio at the age of six.  Before polio, he knelt at his bedside with his mother Lucile and said evening prayers.  With paralysis, Jack could no longer kneel.  But he could still pray to God for guidance, comfort and healing.  The grace and love of God transformed all the bad from polio and paralysis into good.  Jack is a life-long Christian and successful family lawyer in Houston, Texas.  He is married to his wife of over forty years, Dorothy, who works alongside him in his calling.  Jack is father to two children and grandfather to three grandchildren.

Jack is the author of Bending Angels: Living Messengers of God’s Love by (Carpenter’s Son Publishing, 2016) a memoir of the living angels that touched his life.  He wrote Prayerful Passages:  Asking God’s Help in Reconciliation, Separation and Divorce (Outskirts Press, 2016) to help couples in struggling marriages ask God’s help through prayer for the same guidance, comfort and healing he has received from our Almighty Father for over sixty years following polio.





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